The Art of Hi-Tech Dentistry
Modern state-of-the-art high technology and advances in dentistry, help make a visit to the dentist more than just preserving and maintaining teeth. The advances in aesthetic, cosmetic techniques can change your life forever, by giving you the smile of your dreams. A beautiful, healthy new smile will improve your self-image and self-esteem. No one can resist a perfect smile.

High Tech Teeth Whitening
There are two main methods of whitening teeth; in office or at home. Both methods are very effective although the in office method is much faster.

Computerized imaging of your teeth and smile. We take several digital photographs and use unique dental software to change the images to mimic the cosmetic result you're looking for. This is very helpful in communicating what changes you want to achieve.

Digital Radiography **
Computerized digital x-rays reduce radiation up to 80% compared with conventional x-rays.

Intra-oral Camera
Our intra-oral camera allows you to see everything that the dentist sees during your exam.

Television and Stereo Headphones
View television in the studio during treatment. You can also bring your favorite video to watch. We also offer stereo headphones if you prefer to listen to relaxing music while we create your new smile.

Electric Hand pieces
Quiet electric hand pieces (drills) shape your teeth when needed. We know that the sound of a dental drill is very offensive to many patients. The new Bien Aire electric hand pieces from Switzerland are much quieter and do not have the annoying whine of the old air driven hand pieces. Also they have less vibration and run more smoothly and concentric which produces more accurate results.

Radiosurgery is used to modify and shape soft tissues in the mouth. It is also use to help bleach root canal teeth that have darkened following root canal therapy. In cosmetic dentistry radiosurgery is often used to reduce "gummy" smiles or to recontour asymmetrical gum tissue.

State of the Art Sterilization and Disinfection
Our sterilization methods meet or exceed the standards set by the Center for Disease Control. All instruments are washed, scrubbed, placed in an ultrasonic disinfectant solution, then placed in the sterilizer at high temperatures.

Photography and Models
Photography and models are used extensively for each patient. This combines the art and science of aesthetic cosmetic dentistry. Photography and models are used to plan the case, make precise measurements, and communicate with patients and laboratory technicians. These tools are also indispensable for documentation.

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